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Related article: Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 14:57:26 -0700 From: Subject: After school workoutHey everyone, this is my first story, so it might suck. Its a work of fiction but it is a fantasy that i've had in my head for a long time. Enjoy! It was after school, and i was heading to the weight room in our gym. My phys ed teacher Mr.Blake had offered to be my personal trainer and i agreed because it would be a good chance to spend time with him and i have a major crush on him. I have had a crush on him for a while now, ever since grade 8 and he was my P.E teacher. He was 25 years old, he was about 5'11, brown hair, and has an awsome body. When i got to the weight room Mr.B was already there. He said well lets warm up. We warmed up by running a couple laps around the gym and stretching. When we were doing our stretches i couldn't help but stare at him. He was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts. I could kinda see a bulge in his shorts and i felt my cock start to get hard in my pants. I didnt want him to see my boner so i stopped looking and thought of something else. We went into the weight room and i layed down on the weight bench and he spotted me as i lifted weights. I thought i could see him staring at the bulge in my shorts, but wasn't sure. I did 15 reps and he leaned over me and helped me lift the weights so i could let go of them. I sat up and let my arms rest. Next we went onto the treadmill. After a while he must have got hot because he took off his shirt. When he took his shirt off i could see his sweaty abs, and firm pecs. I so badly wanted to go over and suck on his nipples but i controlled myself. I was admiring over him and wasn't really thinking till i heard him say"Yeah this is something Black Preteen Models to look forward to". I was so embarrased that he caught me looking at him, and i felt my face and ears go red. When we were done, he gave me a pat on the ass and then i went into the change room and sat down. I sat there thinking about Mr.B and barely noticed him walk into the room, he said "good work out, we're going to take tomarrow off but you should go for a 30 minute jog tomarrow". I said sounds good then stood up and took off my pants. I stood there in my briefs, and pretended to look for something in my bag just so that i could see if Mr.B would check me out. I scratched my balls to try and catch his attention, and it worked. I turned around and saw him staring at my cock bulge, and i smiled at him and said "you like that don't ya". He smiled but didn't say anything. He stood up and took off his pants and to my surprise he was wearing a jockstrap. He smiled and turned around and i could see his ass. It was all hairless except for the hair that was sticking out of his crack. My cock got hard and Mr.B looked at my bulge and said "well i can see you like my ass. He came over to me and grabbed my ass and kissed me. He pulled down my briefs and grabbed my already hard 6 inch cock and rubbed it. I put my hand on his ass and ran two fingers down his hairy crack. I sat down on the bench and pulled down his jockstrap. His 7 inch cock popped out and i grabbed it and started sucking it. It was my first time so i couldn't take much of his cock in. I licked one of my fingers and stuck it up his ass hole. I heard him moaning and he pushed me off his cock. He told me to get on my hands an knees. I was scared of what he was goin to do, but was excited that i was going to get fucked by the guy i have been inlove with for so long. He got down behind me and spread my ass cheaks and licked my virgin hole. It was the most amazing thing Black Preteen Models i ever felt, and it was making me horny. He stopped licking my shit hole and he got up and got some lube from his bag. He put some on my hole and stuck two finger in. It hurt so bad but after i got used to it and it felt awsome. He put two more fingers in and played with my ass till he said that should be good. He put some more lube on his cock then i felt his head at my hole. He pushed into me and his cock went in. It hurt so bad that i thought i was goin to pass out. He pushed in slowly till his whole cock was inside me and i felt his pubes tickle my ass. He started to slowly fuck me, then started to go faster. I was in so much pain, but after a little bit i was yelling for him to fuck me harder. I felt his cock swell up and he rammed his cock way up my ass and i could feel the warm feeling when he cummed. He leaned on my back and kissed my neck and he pulled his cock out. I rolled over onto my back and he kneeled over me and stuck his cummy cock in my mouth. I licked up all the mixture of cum and ass juices. He got up and said "Lets hit the showers".Let me know what you think. I will continue if i get response.
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